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0_hoolyabeck_0 ([personal profile] 0_hoolyabeck_0) wrote2014-07-10 12:54 am

The Brainshack

I confirmed the appointment with the corner brainshack. 

A difficult day. I couldn't keep it together. The architectures are gyrating, in oscillations irregular, and you could stay the focus as little as a chaperone in the Times Square Toys-R-Us. Such horrible lurchings and reorganizings of the Reason! 

This is unReasonable! 

Okay, I perceive the reason. You must route the jargons vertical, to the Gods, and speak in the common tongue to the mouth-piece. 


Do you understand that sleep does nothing more than vault me into tomorrow?
Can I just remain with myself, here, in this place, for just a little while longer?

Our technologies drive us insane. They always have. Such artificial forms of organization.

They say we're getting better at it. 
I wish I could tell everyone how far we have to go.
Sons will always resent their imperfect creation.

Roy is not Batty.
Thus endeth the lesson.